5 Care Tips To Keep Your Springfield Home’s Wrought Iron Doors Looking Like New

Here are some easy-care tips to help ensure all wrought iron doors of your Springfield home look spic and span!

Inarguably, there’s nothing that adds more panache to a Springfield home than wrought iron doors as front doors, especially custom-tailored iron doors.

As a Springfield homeowner who has put so much thought into the design and type of front door they want for their Springfield home, it’s fairly understandable that you’d want to keep it looking spic and span as new.

The good news is that caring for iron entry doors is a lot less time-consuming than the time and effort needed for cleaning standard entry doors. Wrought iron doors aren’t only durable but also easier to maintain in a matter of just a few minutes.

Without further ado, let’s glide into some easy, peezy tips to help you best care for the iron doors in your Springfield home.

Tip #1: Always Use A Soft Brush

Schedule a routine clean-up at least twice a month but ensure to use only a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt, debris, or dust from the iron doors. If you’ve got custom wrought iron doors installed with intricately designed decorative scrolls, pay particular attention to crevices as debris often remains stuck otherwise, making your home appear somewhat dull.

Tip #2: Always Use A Non-Abrasive Cloth And A Mild Detergent

Dilute some vinegar into the warm soapy water and pair it with some mild detergent and a non-abrasive cloth when you begin washing the iron door. Always wash down the iron door with water to remove any soapy suds that may have been left behind.

Tip #3: Always Dry Off The Iron Doors

Although iron doors are made to withstand damage or stains, sometimes harsh chemicals within the hard water used to clean the iron doors can leave a film or residue behind, resulting in unsightly stains or damage. Always ensure that you end your iron door cleaning task with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Tip #4: Always Be Aware Of The Iron Door’s Location

Since wrought iron doors blend in well and add charm and elegance to just about any space in any location, extra care may be required depending on where the iron door is situated. For example, those living in coastal areas might want to enhance the protection of their iron door hinges by regularly oiling them to prevent the iron doors from corrosion that can lead to the iron doors seizing up or losing functionality.

Tip #5: Always Avoid using Anything harsh On Your Iron Doors


Most sprays or polishes can cause a reaction on iron doors, leading to stains or corrosion. You can consider buying iron door spray from Pinky’s Iron Doors if you want to ensure your iron doors stay in optimal condition. The spray has been formulated especially for steel doors, metal, and iron doors. It helps clean the front doors and interior doors while protecting them from UV rays and rust.

If you love the idea of elegant iron doors, consult with experts at Pinky’s Iron Doors. Their experts possess exceptional craftsmanship skills to curate top-notch front doors and interior doors according to the required specifications and dimensions.

Reach out to them to place an order from their exclusive collection of front doors and interior doors for your home in Springfield to avail of their nationwide free shipping!

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