How Homeowners in Savannah Can Prepare Their Interiors Before Fall and Winter

Not sure how you can keep your indoor home environment warm during winter? This article shares a few pointers.

It’s still a couple of months until winter arrives, but hey, it’s never too early to start thinking of home upgrades and improvements that need to be made for the season. In a cold state like Georgia, preparing for the winter is crucial.

Here are a few ways Savannah homeowners can prep their homes before fall and winter approach.

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Inspect the Roof

First things first: get your roofing in order. During  the winter and fall seasons, the harsh weather can wreak havoc on your house’s roof. If the roof is susceptible to weather damage or already had cracks or dents, you might just find yourself facing sudden water leaks during the cold season. Roof damages can also cause the cold air outside to sweep in and lower your indoor temperature. Similarly, it may cause water seepage through the walls.

The solution? Have a roofing expert inspect and identify any significant or minor roofing issues. It’s recommended that you do this well in advance so that you’re prepared  for the  season by the time winter rolls in and have made the necessary renovations.

Introduce Textured Layers

Don’t underestimate the power of plush, hand-knitted velvet throws and cozy, thick drapes. These textured fabrics are excellent for helping create a warm indoor environment and adding extra comfort to your home.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to do much. Even swapping your usual curtains with thicker drapes or throwing on a few fuzzy pillows or rugs around the house will help you create a snug environment.

Regulate the Airflow

As simple as it may sound, regulating the airflow at your house is trickier than it seems. Airflow regulation is crucial all year round, but the urgency to monitor this increases in winter.  You want the outside (cold) air to stay out and the indoor (heated) air to stay inside your home. How can this be achieved?

By insulating your windows and doors and ensuring they’re free of cracks and holes that would interfere with your home’s heating system. It’s best to invest in thermally broken doors and windows to minimize heating and energy costs. Doing so will not just help keep your house warm and cozy but will also improve energy efficiency.

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