Single Wrought -Iron Doors: Why They’re An Ideal Choice For Small Entryways in Kansas City Houses

Just because the main entry point of your Kansas City home is a modest, small doorway instead of a large, grand entryway, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any options in terms of enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal with a stylish entryway door.

wrought-iron home front door

And when it comes to small home entryway doors, there are few options better than single wrought iron doors. Homeowners have loved the timeless elegance of wrought-iron entry doors all across the world for centuries. In addition to offering a rare blend of durability and style, they can add a touch of grandeur and intricacy that can put large, elaborate gateways to shame.

Also, wrought-iron doors come in various sizes, designs, and finish options, providing homeowners with virtually limitless customization options.

Keep reading to learn why single wrought-iron doors make for an ideal choice for the small entryway of your Kansas City home.


We have already mentioned this, but it’s worth reiterating: perhaps the most prominent advantage you get by choosing a wrought-iron door for your entryway is the wide range of designs and customization options. Depending upon the architectural style of your home, you can select from minimal designs, rustic designs, intricate leaf work, floral designs, geometric designs, and more. You also have multiple finish and panel options to choose from.

Superior Durability

Your home’s main entryway door really is an unsung hero. Being the first line of defense against harsh weather elements, it takes a lot of beating during its lifetime. This takes a significant toll on it. Over time, it inevitably leads to a battered, faded appearance—and in the case of wooden doors—rotting and warping issues.

However, if you install a premium-quality wrought-iron door, you won’t have to experience any durability issues. Wrought-iron is a highly durable, strong, and sturdy material and is excellent at:

  • Resisting heat and the effects of fire
  • Withstanding large amounts of pressure
  • Holding up against gale-force winds
  • Keeping water out

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