Adding a Gorgeous Wrought Iron Door to Your Ranch in El Paso

Ranch style homes are the personification of American homes, featuring architecture that is both homely and modern. People are more interested in ranch style homes because they’re affordable and still allow you to upgrade them with neo-eclectic inspiration.

wrought-iron home front door

If you have a ranch-style property, consider yourself lucky! There are multiple options for upgrading your home and making it more appealing, like adding beautiful, customizable wrought iron doors – but more on that later.

You can create an open floor plan by combining the living and dining areas by taking down interior walls and joining the kitchen, dining and living areas. It’s both modern and classic at the same time.

Another popular option is to lift the ceilings and even use vaulted ceilings that go up to the rafters to open up the space a bit more. This allows you to maintain a traditional style on the outside while incorporating more modern interior design elements.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the right wrought iron door to marry traditional and modern design in your ranch style home.

Complement the Style Of Your Home

If you want to try something bold and new, you can change the home exterior to earthy textures and add brick walls. This will make a wrought iron door pop more and add more depth to your front entrance. On the contrary, if you have plains concrete walls, any wrought iron door will look prominent because they’re so versatile.

Keep Your Preference in Mind

When choosing the wrought iron door, you have to think of color, finish, design and structure.

All doors offer similar features and functionality such as added security, better insulation and ventilation, modern appeal etc. But it’s important for you to select a style that complements your style and personality.

For example, think of your favorite color and try to implement that in the details. You can add it to the door trimming, shutters and even the windows.

Choose the Best Design for Your Needs

These doors are not only versatile, but they also come in a large variety. They have a range of ornamentation and glass panes that can beautify the entrance. Make sure you pick a color for the door that makes the design more prominent.

Take a Look At The Surroundings

The landscaping around your house plays an important role in choosing your wrought iron door. Do a neighborhood survey as well to take inspirations from the design features and colors that are used most commonly.

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