How to Decide the Best Location for Iron French Doors in Your California Home

The general idea of French doors is to bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors through simple yet elegant iron doors supported by glass. When placed just right, they can really give walls a run for their money—”just right” being key, here, of course.

Here’s everything you need to know about iron French door placement.

Installed as Interior Doors

They may be patio doors, but that doesn’t make them exclusive to home exteriors. In fact, you can install them inside the house in the place of interior doors or room dividers.

French doors are perfect for open-plan spaces because they create minimum interference between rooms. However, you might have to readjust your interior décor before replacing your doors.

Inspiration: An Air 4 with Full Double Arch between a divided space might make it appear larger.

Serve their Purpose

As previously mentioned, French doors are a sub-category of patio doors, so the best places to install them would be at the back of the house or—in typical fashion—a balcony.

Moreover, there’s no reason not to make them your front doors; if that’s where your home gets the best sun, so be it.

Inspiration: An Air 4 with Sidelights and Double Flat Top where the entry doors are supposed to be.

Where There’s a Wall, There’s a French Door

Indeed, where there’s a wall, there’s every chance for a French door to be installed. However, instead of converting all your walls into iron doors, you might be better off picking one that gets the best light, or hides a gorgeous view.

A space can take on a completely new personality when you replace drywall with a wall of patio doors. If you’re lucky, it’ll also contribute to your home exterior, making it look newer, better, and bigger than ever before.

Inspiration: Rows upon rows of Air 4 with MiddleFixed Panel where your wall limits your view of the beach.

No Corners Cut

If the adjoining wall gets good natural light, by all means, keep adding more rows of patio doors to it.

This also applies to when you only get good light by the corners because iron French doors look good no matter where or how you place them.

Inspiration: An Air 4 with Single Flat and custom transoms if you’ve got a staircase running into a corner.

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