A Selection Guide to MWD and LWD Systems

Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) systems have become commonplace in the modern drilling operation. They offer a lot of benefits and greater control over the drilling process.

With the increase in the number of horizontal and directional drilling, the complexity of the drilling operation increased drastically. This led to the development of MWD and LWD systems.

MWD systems are standard in directional drilling operations

The MWD systems are essentially used to measure and evaluate the wellbore position and trajectory, drill bit performance information, directional data, and drill string orientation. While MWD systems provide information in real-time, LWD systems can record data that is then downloaded when the tools return to the surface.

Nevertheless, these tools are designed to help drilling companies overcome the complexity of drilling procedures. However, not all MWD and LWD systems are made the same, and you’ll find numerous options that vary based on their operations, features, and specifications.

Wondering what MWD and LWD systems to select for your operation? Here are a few pointers!

MWD & LWD Operation

Since MWD delivers information in real-time, they are mainly used to measure the drill string performance and provide directional data. LWD systems, on the other hand, are used to record geological formation data.

LWD recorded data can include gamma-ray emissions, porosity, resistivity, and other such measurements. Whether you need an MWD system or an LWD system or both depends on your operation, but it’s essential to understand the fundamental differences.

Data Collection & Transmission

MWD and LWD systems also vary in their data collection and transmission methods. However, generally, solid-state memory is used to record the data. Transmission is carried out through a process known as mud pulse telemetry.

These pulses can either be positive, negative, or continuous sine waves. Furthermore, these systems also vary based on the MPT bandwidths and data rates.

Engineers working on True Shot’s M1 Unmanned MWD

How to Select the Right MWD Systems

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