The Ideal Thermally Broken Doors for Your Colorado Home

When building or remodeling a house, doors require extra thought and consideration. Ideally, you want the exterior and interior doors to add character to your home while remaining functional.

Naturally, thermally broken doors are a popular choice among most homeowners. They look sturdy and keep the house cozy all year round.

But most importantly, you have some excellent design options to choose from when it comes to thermally broken doors.

A Majestic Double Arch for The Entryway

For front doors, our motto is “go big or go home.” Because your entry doors are your home’s first impression on a visitor, you want this impression to be grand, right?

Well, you can’t go wrong with thermally broken double arch doors. Not only do they look sturdier than standard doors that you’ll find in the market, but they also add a great deal of curb appeal to the exterior.

While they’re grand, they’re also subtle in a way that allows you to decorate the entryway in any way you like.

A Flat Top Transom for A Bright Airy Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of most homes and need to be bright and airy but also cozy when you need them to be. And installing thermally broken large and high flat top transom double doors in the kitchen that opens up in the side yard is one way to do that.

You can also pair them up with some factory-style steel windows to allow maximum light and air from all directions.

Alternatively, you can install a thermally broken single flat Dutch door as a backdoor in the kitchen. It’s a great way to allow in fresh air while keeping the dog in and the rodents out.

A Sidelight Double Flat Top for Easy Access to The Patio

Choosing patio doors really just depends on your patio usage. But whether you use the patio for once-in-a-while barbeques or every day for breakfast, the doors you install play a crucial role in the interior aesthetic of your home as well. If they’re going to be showcasing the great outdoors, they need to do it right.

This is why we suggest thermally broken sidelight double flat-top doors for a neat but attractive look. Moreover, these work great as patio doors because they’re easy to operate and can be opened up wide to integrate your outdoor and indoor space seamlessly.

So, now that we’ve established that thermally broken doors are the best choice for your house, you should get in touch with the team of experts at Pinky’s Iron Doors to pick out the best exterior doors and interior doors for your house.

They also offer a wide range of wrought iron doors in Fort Collins, CO, and surrounding areas. We personally love their collection of patio doors, sliding doors, and steel factory windows.

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