3 Modern Iron Entry Doors for Chicago Homes

Known for their incredible aesthetic appeal, iron entry doors are extremely common in Chicago. Homeowners are particularly fond of finding iron front doors that beautifully complement their interior space and make a winning first impression on guests. In this article, we’ll walk you through three styles of iron doors that have been trending across Chicago in 2021. Continue reading!

1. Flat Iron Entry Doors

If your home is bathed in minimalist colors, make sure you keep your front door simple and elegant. We’ve been loving this set of classic flat iron entry doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors. The sleek, modern, and timeless doors have a deep black finishing that adds contrast to neutral interior spaces. Make sure you browse through glass samples and color samples to find the perfect pairings for your new doors.

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2. Arched Double Iron Front Doors

If you want to wow your guests, make a bold choice. A pair of arched double iron front doors will add a touch of sophistication and grandeur to your entryway. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, accessorize the doors with gorgeous floral wreaths and a pair of eye-catching sidelights.

Once you’re done with the makeover, you’ll marvel at the dramatic transformation. Arched doors are known for their unique appeal. They soften exterior spaces, thereby making them look more inviting and relaxing.

3. Iron Dutch Doors

Over the years, the demand for iron Dutch doors has skyrocketed in Chicago. If you’re looking for versatile doors that stand out from the crowd, Dutch doors should be your first option.

The unique doors are split along the center. While the top half can be opened and closed, the bottom half remains firmly shut. Whether you want to safely interact with delivery personnel, allow fresh air to pour into your space, or increase pet safety, Dutch doors help you do it all.

Pro Tip: Protect your iron front doors by using a high-quality iron door spray.

Looking for more doors? Pinky’s Iron Doors stocks a wide range of iron patio doors, iron French doors, steel entry doors, steel sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and interior doors. Start exploring their collection to find your favorites in Chicago, IL.

For more insights, keep up with their blog. Pinky’s Iron Doors also designs windows, door accessories (locks and handles), transoms, and sidelights.

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