4 Ways to Upgrade the Interiors of Your New Jersey Home This Summer with Wrought Iron Doors

Looking forward to changing things up around the house this summer? It’s the perfect time to make some upgrades to your home! You can make wrought iron doors the focal point of these changes, and watch your space come to life with these suggestions and recommendations.

1. Open up your stuffy kitchen with transoms and sidelights

Your kitchen is probably one place where you and your family spend a lot of time. There’s nothing more depressing than a stuffy, poorly lit, crowded kitchen, especially if it’s where you also have your meals. Give it new life with gorgeous transoms and sidelight doors that won’t take up a lot of additional space but will give you a ton of extra room.

2. Get a pocket door to save space inside your home

A pocket door is such a great space-saving option because it slides right into your walls! It doesn’t require additional installation space, and once installed, it’s easy to use. Pocket doors are a great option for smaller houses, apartments, or using as an entry door for interior spaces like the living room, home office, etc.

3. Let the outdoors in with French patio doors

Are you blessed with a patio but don’t get enough use out of it? Connect the outdoors and indoors with beautiful French patio doors that will give you views for days! These gorgeous double doors come in various styles with arches, flat-tops, and other details that you can view and decide on. They’re exactly what your home needs to look and feel more welcoming!

4. Give your bathroom an intimate feel with barn doors

Barn doors are the hottest trend in interiors, and if you’re wondering what a good use for them is, here’s one that’ll blow your mind: your bathroom! They’re perfect for a cozy, intimate—albeit private—bathroom where you can soak up in the comfort of your room. They look absolutely fabulous and give your room a touch of rustic elegance too.

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