Steel Shower Doors to Upgrade Your Bathroom in Wyoming

The traditional bathroom isn’t for everyone—particularly for homeowners in Wyoming. When it comes to house renovation ideas, it makes sense to upgrade your bathroom into a zen space that evokes a feeling of calm. If you’re in the mood for a dreamy modern bathroom (that also feels bigger), steel room dividers and stall doors offer the perfect solution.

Here are some gorgeous steel door ideas to transform your bathroom from boring to breathtaking.

French Doors for Large Bathrooms

Consider enclosing large shower areas with classic French doors. It makes the area look grand and offers practical benefits too. Most of us hate the splashes of water that cover the whole floor making the room look dirtier than it actually is. A shower space that is separated from the vanity prevents this and makes cleaning all the more easy. Choose a different tile for the shower area to further accentuate the space.

Steel Doors with Sidelights for Tall Shower Area

If your bathroom has a high ceiling, then steel doors with sidelights are going to look fantastic in your shower space. They are perfect for minimalist and contemporary homes that enjoy a little industrial element here and there. The sleek metal frames and the tall majestic door will impress your guests.

Pocket Doors for Smaller Spaces

What about smaller bathrooms? Not many of us can change the existing square footage of a room. In this case, it’s all about creating the illusion of a larger space. That’s where glass-paneled pocket doors come in. You can use them as an entry door for just about any small room, including shower areas. Pull them out when you have the water running, and push them back into the adjacent walls when needed.

Full-length Glass Doors with No Panes

If your bathroom has windows near the shower area and you still go with a solid divider, that’s just a wasted opportunity. Make the most of the warm sunlight streaming in by adding a full-length steel shower door with no panes. These will immediately upgrade your bathroom to a sleeker and more contemporary style.

Frosted Glass Doors for A Private Bathroom

Frosted glass doors are perfect for en-suite bathrooms, aka a bathroom that is directly connected to your bedroom. Since no one else has direct access to it, you don’t have to go with a plain old solid door. Go wild with a glass entry door with ribbed glass or with pretty frost illustrations—not only do they look attractive, but they also give you the privacy you need.

Can’t wait to apply these ideas to your own bathroom?

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