Embracing Monochromatic Interior Design: 3 Ways to Go About It

Thinking of adopting a monochromatic color palette for your Georgia home? This article suggests a few ways you can go about this.

Monochromatic interior design isn’t getting old anytime soon. It’s a popular home design trend in Georgia, and is used in modern, rustic, and contemporary styles to produce a stunning effect.

Want to incorporate monochromatic interior design in your home? Here are a few things to remember.

Pay Attention To Details

Many homeowners think that choosing the color for their monochromatic design is the single most important factor in a successful layout. While there’s no denying that color plays a huge part in setting up your monochromatic space, don’t forget to account for the minor details such as those of tone, texture, lines, and space.

These details are highlighted even more when you choose to stick to a monochromatic theme.  This means that it’s imperative that you address these details as you go about redecorating your space, not leave it as an afterthought. For example, if you’ve chosen a white color scheme for your child’s bedroom, don’t just call it a day by painting the walls and buying white colored furniture. Also polish the hardware to give it a reflective surface, hone the furnishings to produce a soft effect, and add shades of white to ensure the room still has personality.

Add Contrasting Elements

You don’t have to stick to a single color for your monochromatic design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with two or even three colors to add contrast.

This doesn’t mean that you paint the walls two different colors. You can always choose a base color and then add contrasting elements according to it. For instance, a room can have hues of dark and light grey and include colorful contrasting elements. A statement vase, a bunch of matching cushions, and wall hangings are a few ways to break the grey-ness and include contrasting colors.

Monochromatic Black Doors

Don’t rule out adding black steel doors to your monochromatic home design! These wrought iron and these steel doors come in various styles and designs, and can really enhance the overall interior décor. You don’t have to pair them with just black furnishings or color palettes either; they work perfectly well in brighter and unconventional color palettes used for monochromatic designs.

black steel doors

Pro tip: get interior steel doors with glass panels to make your space look larger and complement the decorative elements and furniture placed inside.

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