5 Easy Restaurant Exterior Design Updates

Have you noticed potential customers driving by your restaurant but stopping by another eatery a few doors down? Chances are, the customers think your restaurant doesn’t provide them with an enjoyable experience when they dine with you. This may be because your restaurant’s exterior look outdated, dull, or unkempt.

Considering the fast pace of technological advancements in the hospitality industry, it doesn’t matter whether you updated the restaurant’s appearance a few years or decades ago. To stay in business, you need to evolve constantly to ensure your competitor doesn’t gain an edge or attract your potential customers.

From updating your sgns to enhancing lighting and replacing the front door, you can make many exterior design updates to give your restaurant a fresh look and feel.

#1 A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Staying updated with what’s in and what’s out is a must if you’re part of the hospitality industry. Look for trending colors and decide what needs to be done to add a sense of elegance to the building while making it stand out. A fresh coat of paint is a cost-efficient way to spruce up the exteriors instantly. But don’t forget to ensure that your choice of color needs to reflect your business’s overall branding and theme.

#2 Upgraded Lighting

Installing eco-friendly LED lighting can brighten up your exteriors and gives your customers the impression that you’re a responsible brand. It will also create a pleasant environment for those customers who would like to have dinner at your eatery. Adding colorful and bright lights is also another great option if you’re looking to make the place more inviting.

#3 Update Your Signage

While researching the paint color, you should also look for other updates that contemporary restaurant owners might make to add oomph to their restaurant’s exteriors. This includes upgrading your dull, outdated signs with vibrant light-up boards with LED bulbs. This upgrade will make your eatery much more visible while ensuring its name can be read from a distance.

#4 Window Replacement

Installing new windows at your restaurant can help revive its missing charm instantly! They help achieve the right atmosphere needed to attract potential customers to dine in at your restaurant. You can look into installing chic wrought iron windows and make the customers’ dining experience even more memorable by choosing a front door that matches your new gorgeous windows.

#5 Matching Front Doors

You should upgrade the restaurant’s front doors by adding premium quality wrought iron doors or black steel doors. If your restaurant’s theme blends well with the French cuisine, you can add French doors to give customers an unforgettable experience. The front doors are easy to maintain, look great, and last a long time!

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