4 Slim Black Steel Doors that Are on Our Radar

A steel door is as much a barrier that keeps the outside world out as it is a nearly seamless transition from one room to another. The latter’s important because the average door in New Mexico may not have this advantage.

Following are the types of steel doors you might want to consider for your home exterior, interior, or both.

1.    Steel Sliding Doors

Perhaps the best feature of single panel sliding doors is that they don’t have a hinged mechanism. Therefore, instead of swinging open, you have only to pull aside the steel door to get from one room to another.

One of the many reasons people prefer these interior doors is that they keep the room on the other side in one’s line of sight, minus all the ruckus. As a patio door, it works like a charm in letting most of the sun in, thus making a room appear brighter and bigger.

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2.    Steel Dutch Doors

Dutch doors have many, many benefits. Since they have a single panel divided into two sections, you can afford to keep the top panel open for ventilation and light while keeping the bottom one closed to stop pets or kids from getting out.

Moreover, they can also be installed as interior doors as child safety gates on landings or at the very top of staircases to prevent kids from taking the stairs unsupervised.

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3.    Steel Pivot Doors

Entry doors that have a pivoting mechanism resemble revolving doors, but with one exception: they don’t have separate sections for individuals. These swinging doors can rotate on their axis, thanks to a specially designed pivot box.

Albeit single panel, pivot doors are massive and sport a sleek, modern design that makes them perfect for commercial establishments. They also help save space, are easy to use, provide unfettered access to the outdoors, and are highly customizable.

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4.    Steel Barn Doors

The main reason barn doors are preferred over regular sliding doors and even sometimes room dividers is that they’re single panel. These interior doors don’t require an immovable glass panel to slide open because they’re installed on the wall overhead. Therefore, when you slide them over, they sit almost flush against the wall.

These black steel doors can be placed anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom to even the bedroom.

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Install Only the Best Black Steel Doors in Your New Mexico Property

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