Tips on Selling Your Home During The Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic at the beginning of last year, life has changed incredibly fast. Businesses in almost every industry have had to change the way they operate— and real estate is no exception. The way people shop for and purchase homes has changed.

While many homeowners are apprehensive about putting their homes up for sale in these uncertain times, for some there’s no other option. Thankfully, it’s not the worst time to sell. Supply is at an all-time low and prices have shot up during the pandemic.

So, in an age where real estate has more or less become a digital-first transaction and much of the house shopping process is taking place online, how do you make the most of your house’s sale? Well, the following are a few pro tips:

Stage Your Home Beautifully

Due to lockdowns and social distancing rules, it’s not possible for homebuyers to tour houses casually and check them out in-person. They, instead, rely on videos and photos to make the case for why they should buy your property.

Now, there are various ways to make your property listing more attractive:

  • Decluttering: Decluttering can make a huge difference— particularly in smaller homes.
  • Virtual furniture: Today, there’s a variety of virtual staging apps available through which you can furnish vacant spaces for much less than what a home stager would cost.
  • Use Three-Point-Lighting: A lighting techniques that’s used in theatres, its helps you emphasize desirable architectural features and minimize less attractive ones.

Highlight Pandemic-Friendly Selling Points

Because the pandemic has forced both adults and children to stay indoors, the definition of desirable home features has somewhat shifted. Those who are living in the city are thinking why they pay a premium if they can’t experience the metropolis lifestyle, and those who are working remotely have gotten fed up of shared walls.

Playing up your property’s COVID-friendly features can serve you well in the current climate. For instance, you can take pictures that highlight the plentiful storage space in your kitchen (people love to stock up on groceries in the pandemic), or take pictures of your yard to make your property more attractive to homebuyers who’re living in apartments and experiencing cabin fever with their kids.

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