How to Introduce Industrial Chic Design into Your Modern Home

With modern lifestyle trends embracing bucolic bliss, it comes as no surprise that more homeowners are gravitating towards industrial-style home designs. Old-world charm and sleek modernity blend together to create the perfect play of contrasts and an organic, lived-in feeling.

Let’s take a look at some no-fail techniques to pulling off this aesthetic with confidence.


The delightful textural interplay of smooth, lustrous metal and earthy, grainy wood is a popular interpretation of the design trend. Many opt for sleek metal accents such as black steel front doors, factory-style steel windows, metallic shelves, and chrome lighting fixtures. The rustic and relaxed elements come in the form of warm hardwood floors or kitchen cabinets that blend together seamlessly with metallic touches.


Warm, neutral colors are often key to large industrial spaces. These hues channel colors often found in nature and contribute to the visual warmth of the room. In essence, they tone down the harshness of metal pipes and black steel elements that would otherwise overwhelm the space. Consider adding pops of color here and there with color-blocked walls, accent cushion covers, and potted plants.


Many old warehouses and lofts can be converted into cool living spaces with the use of industrial interior design ideas. For instance, exposed brick is a big contender in industrial home décor. Once again, it is reminiscent of charming brick cottage houses that use a variety of rich colors that contrast against metallic elements.

How to Introduce Industrial Chic Design into Your Modern Home


Lighting can make or break your industrial-style décor. For starters, focus on maximizing natural light in your home. Adding transoms, sidelights, and large black steel doors and windows can help the warm sunlight flow in and illuminate your home. For after-hours, pendant lights and floor lamps are often used liberally in the design. Also consider naked bulbs for any outdoor spaces to really drive home the aesthetic.

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