Why You Should Get a Dutch Door for Your Woodland Hills Home

You may not be familiar with this door design, but Dutch doors have become quite popular among American homeowners in recent years. You can have them installed anywhere on your property, although they’re mostly used as main entrance doors. Read on as we discuss why installing a black steel Dutch door in your Woodland Hills home is a great idea.

Adds Character

Anything unique and done with purpose adds a lot of character. Adding a Dutch steel door as the entry door to your home does exactly that. Not only does it add a lot of personality to your home, but also increases the curbside appeal of your house. Your house has a friendly touch added to it, and seeing as this isn’t a very commonly found door in Woodland Hills, it also gives your house a USP.

Let in More Fresh Air

Another benefit you get from having a Dutch steel door in your home is the fact that you can essentially have it work as a window in the front of your home. It’s great for letting fresh air and natural light into the house. You can also install this steel door as your main backdoor so you have a nice view of your backyard or garden.

Ideal For Homes with Small Children or Pets

The initial design for Dutch doors was created to help parents of young children or pet owners keep an open door while not letting those in their care wander off unattended. A black steel Dutch door can even be installed as an interior door that opens up to a young child’s bedroom, or the room a pet is normally kept in. It allows you to keep an eye on your children and pets without needing to be in the room or keep their doors open at all times.

There are many different uses and benefits to having a Dutch steel door installed in your home. If you’re interested in adding a door like this to your Woodland Hills home, get in touch with the team at Pinky’s Iron Doors. They have all sorts of steel doors and iron doors in standard and custom designs available.


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