Things to Keep In Mind When Packing Up Your Home

Couple packing their clothes into boxes and suitcases

No matter how far you’re moving, packing and shuffling around boxes can be quite a tedious chore. Nevertheless, moving homes is inevitable unless you reside in a family home and don’t plan on seeking a new life full of opportunities.

Though unpleasant, packing your things must be done carefully to not break or damage any of your possessions. If you’re looking for packing tips to help make this task easier and less stressful, here are some things to keep in mind.

Purge and get rid of all the unnecessary junk

Packing can be an overwhelming task as it is; you don’t need a hoard of junk making its way into your boxes and new home.

Before you start putting everything in carton boxes, pull out every item of clothing from your closet, assess all your furniture, go through all the home décor you own and purge any broken, damaged or unwanted items.

Some of these items might have sentimental value to you, but it’s time to let them go, especially if you know you’re not going to use them. It’ll save you a lot of packing space, avoid a growing pile of clutter in your new home, and you can enjoy more spacious living spaces and closets.

Start packing in advance

Often procrastination and laziness can get the better of you, and you ditch impending tasks till the very last minute and end up being frustrated, stressed, and forgetful.

Hastily packing all your belongings at the last possible minute will become an issue when you’ve moved and notice you forgot some important items. It’ll become an even bigger problem if you’re moving miles away.

Once you have bought a new home and everything is final, start packing weeks before moving. You’ll have plenty of time to get everything in order and recheck your home multiple times.

Person packing his jeans into a box

Contact utility providers before moving in

After the purchase is finalized and you have a moving date in mind, get in touch with utility providers around your new home and have them turn on your water supply, heating and electricity.

You don’t want to come home from a tiring day only to realize you have no running water or electricity in your new home.

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