All You Need to Know About the M1 MWD System

The US economy needs energy to maintain its level of economic growth. The energy needed to sustain production levels is provided in two ways. One is by importing energy resources, and the other is through drilling for them. Drilling is the better option as importing energy resources is costly. It is estimated that the number of wells will increase to 22,600 by 2022. The number of wells can reach this point only if new methods of drilling are developed.

There are many ways through which drilling can take place. However, recent developments have improved the overall process, and the new M1 MWD system has revolutionized the drilling industry. Here’s all that you need to know about it.

A closeup of the M1 MWD system

What is M1 MWD System, and What is its Importance?

The Measurement While Drilling (MWD) is a type of drilling where measurement tools are attached to the drill to provide real-time information to you. The drilling process historically has been inefficient as drilling companies drill blindly without the assistance of data. The M1 MWD system uses data efficiently to let you know if drilling at a spot is viable or not, saving a major chunk of your investment. The concept of geo-steering has also been making waves as the M1 MWD system gains popularity.

Mud-Pulse Telemetry

The M1 MWD system uses mud pulse telemetry, a method in which a drilling fluid is pumped down the drill. This fluid is used to transfer data from the bottom of the drill to the surface. A system of pressure is created within the fluid that contains the relevant information.

Command Center

The command center is also known as the ‘surface system.’ The drilling process can be efficiently completed if the data using the mud-pulse telemetry is properly decoded in the command center. A pressure transducer is used to convert the pulses from the fluid into electrical signals that can be converted into readable graphs.The graphs are displayed on a special computer known as the Rig Floor Display (RFD).

The information provided by the command center is vital as it can help you make decisions about whether to continue drilling at the same place or if you should change it.

An engineer using the M1 MWD system to extract data in the command center.

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