3 Wine Cellar Doors for a Refined Interior in Wyoming

Who says the interior door to your wine cellar has to look as vintage as its contents? Who says it can’t? Indeed, there are many ways to go when it comes to the steel or wrought iron entrance to your wine cellar.

Here are some of the steel and metal wine cellar doors to upgrade with in Sheridan, Wyoming.

1. Single Full Arch w/Threshold

Let’s start with an interior door that always works. Entrances with a metal frame and glass detail are not a rarity where wine cellars are concerned. It might be for this reason that they’re getting a bit stale.

Play around with an existing idea by replacing a flat glass door with an Air Lite – Single Full Arch. You can also opt for a Mini Arch version of the same interior metal doors for a more eyebrow-style arch. Keep the door single or double it up to show your wine collection in its entirety.

2. June Wine Cellar w/Handgrip

You can’t get any more thematic with your wine cellar than with a June – Double Flat. They’re a set of double-layered metal wine cellar doors in which the iron has been bent and molded into leaves and grapes over one layer. The second layer is all glass, which opens and separates from the iron layer, at the back, for easier cleaning.

Like the full arch, these custom metal interior doors are also quite common across Wyomingite wine cellars, with many preferring the flat option, while others opting for a Full or Mini Arch with sidelights on one or both sides.

3. Queensway Wine Cellar w/Handgrip

The Queensway – Double Arch is a sturdy-looking set of iron doors  with about 70% of the portion in a crisscrossing design, enhanced by a background of Rain Glass, finishing off with a solid kick plate.

There are many ways to go with these custom interior doors. You can change have a screen fitted between the glass and metal, do away with the kick plate entirely, get it in black steel or metal, or adjust for size. As with all the other interior doors, these metal entrances are also available in a Single Full and Double Full Arch.

Wine Cellar Doors to Last a Lifetime in Sheridan, Wyoming

There’s a metal wine cellar door for every wine collection at Pinky’s Iron Doors. Their extensive collection has something for every one’s interior door needs, with room for customization.

Dial 844-843-6677 today, order your custom iron or steel doors, and have them delivered to your Sheridan, Wyoming.

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