7 Types of Interior Doors You Must Know About


A door greatly impacts the outlook of your home, so if you’re deciding to renovate your house or building a new one, pay extra attention to interior doors. The kind of interior door you get depends on your choice as they can work as a statement piece, giving your house a finishing look.

Here are different types of interior doors you must know about:

1. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors hide inside a wall, where the door can slide in and out of it. Getting pocket doors built isn’t a complicated task; however, if you want a door in a short amount of time, this isn’t an option for you. Pocket doors involve a lot more work and preparation compared to traditional doors.

2. Iron French Doors

These are extremely famous and wanted by many; not only are they appealing, but they’re also very practical. French doors can give your house that boost you’ve been looking for. Though often used as exterior doors or patio doors, these work wonderfully inside the house as well.

3. Sliding Barn Doors

A popular option amongst homeowners, barn doors give that country vibe to your house. They work wonderfully as statement doors where they slide open and close. They’re best for huge entryways in living rooms and bedrooms.

4. Continental Doors

Continental Doors work best in large entrances and living spaces but can be used for bedroom and bathroom doors as well. They have two face panels of different sizes where the topmost is larger than the bottom one.

5. Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are best used for entrances and closets. They consist of multiple folding panes that rest against one side.

6. Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Interior wine cellar doors are used to keep the air in the wine room from leaking out. They are made from tempered glass, high-grade material, and are insulated. Along with their usefulness, they can also be customized to suit the kind of wine cellar you want.

7. Pantry Doors

Interior doors can do wonders to a pantry by providing an extravagant look to it. Pantries are a necessity, they store food, help declutter the kitchen, and can turn your kitchen into a more spacious place. You can choose from various types of glasses like clear, ribbed, flemished, and different colors as well.

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