The Guide for Buying the Right Pocket Door For Your Home In Kansas

An interior steel pocket door stays true to its name as it glides smoothly along its track into a recess in the doorway wall — i.e. it disappears in the compartment on the adjacent wall accounting for an exceptional architectural effect. Its modern mechanism that tucks away the door out of sight welcomes a rustic feel to the tight room. Not to forget they make for the most ideal choice in limited spaces — you can free up as much as 10 square feet of floor space with a pocket door making it ideal for rooms where there isn’t adequate space to swing the door. It’s very similar to the sliding door as it too moves on a designated track with a door slab.

The Pocket Door Construction

A pocket door doesn’t account for any construction or cluttering the area surrounding the doorway. Ideally, this door system comes as pre-assembled units or kits that are inclusive of pocket door frame and jamb, pre-made cage, and hanger tracks. It does require the installation effort, but considering how gorgeous it looks, it’s definitely worth the pain.

Installation of The Pocket Door

You’ll need hardware that matches the size and weight requirements of the interior steel pocket door upon installation. Your tracks must not tear out the walls in the event of being moved back and forth. The side jambs must be plumbed and the header must be neatly leveled to avoid binding the jambs over time. Most importantly, prevent any paint chips from building on the sides of the doors and jambs that cause it to stick.

Where to Get Your Interior Steel Pocket Door From In Kansas City?

Whether you need an extra-large, double-wide door for your doorway between two rooms or just need a door for your tiny laundry, closet, or bathroom you can shop for interior steel pocket doors made with the highest quality steel and glass panes from Pinky’s Iron Doors in Kansas City; a name that delivers all things beautiful, one that’s sure to make them stop and stare. Browse iron doors, steel doors, custom steel interior doors, entry doors, front doors, wrought iron doors, and metal room dividers with glass for endless options of metal works.

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