Hinges or Slides: What Mobile Mechanism Should You Choose for Your Patio Doors in Arkansas?

Thinking of shaking things up and revamping your patio space? While a weather-proof furniture set, flagstone flooring, and a Zen garden might transform your patio space, there’s one more thing that’ll take your patio space to the next level – a patio door!

However, choosing the right patio door can be a little overwhelming for most homeowners. Should you go the chic, sliding patio door route or should you stick with a basic hinged patio door?

We have got all the right answers for you!

Here’s all that you need to know about choosing hinged and sliding patio doors for your Arkansas home.

Open up Your Space with Hinged Patio Doors

Think solid wooden panels that are fixed to door jambs through two or more hinges.

Hinged doors offer that traditional look and have either one or two door panels. Moreover, homeowners can also choose from a wide variety of multiple hinged patio doors such as a bi-fold accordion-style patio door by Pinky’s.

Most homeowners opt for a classic French-style hinged door with multiple lights and various grill patterns. A glass panel in the hinged door makes it look more chic, lets more light into the room, and goes well with both modern, contemporary, and traditional interiors.


However, French-style hinged patio doors come with an in-swing or out-swing option. Unlike a sleek sliding door, a hinged door minimizes the available space and the doors might intrude into another room in your Arkansas home.

Save More Space with Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors are chic, contemporary, and complement modern interiors.

With a sliding patio door, homeowners can expect to save more space as these doors slide from side to side. While one sliding panel can be glided around to make an entryway from your interior to the outdoor space; however, the other stationary panel might limit movable space.

Moreover, sliding patio doors are big on aesthetic views. From allowing ample amounts of sunlight into your home to offering stunning views of your outdoor space, sliding patio doors are perfect for nature lovers. Another feature of sliding patio doors is that they can come with screen doors that allow some much-needed airflow in the hot summer months.

Customize the Perfect Patio Door with Pinky’s Iron Doors

Whether you opt for sliding patio doors or a French iron-hinged door, it all boils down to one thing: its aesthetics.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, homeowners can browse through their wide collection of stunning entry doors Fort Smith, front doors, patio doors, French-style doors, office doors, and steel windows and doors.

Moreover, clients can order custom-made iron doors for their Arkansas homes in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Bentonville, Jonesboro, Fort Smith, and Eureka Springs.

Browse through Pinky’s Iron Door’s website and order the perfect patio door to get your patio summer-ready in no time!

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