Home Remodeling in New Mexico: 3 Stunning Steel Doors That Stand Out

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are finally resuming their interrupted home remodeling projects across New Mexico. As you get started, make sure you install the right steel doors in your home.

In this article, we’ll walk you through three of the most popular steel door designs by Pinky’s Iron Doors. Trusted by thousands of homeowners across New Mexico, Pinky’s Iron Doors has over 42 years of experience in designing high-quality iron doors, steel doors, and windows.

Continue reading for a closer look at their bestselling steel doors.

1. Bi-Fold Doors

Also known as accordion doors, bi-fold doors are a treat for your eyes. The gorgeous doors open and close in a zigzag motion. As they swiftly glide along their tracks, they look more appealing than regular doors.

Apart from offering ample aesthetic appeal, steel bi-fold doors also offer unparalleled functionality and accessibility. They’re suitable for larger spaces like the patio.

2. Steel Sliding Doors

If you live in New Mexico, we’re sure you’re familiar with the state’s passion for sliding doors. Simple, modern, and uncomplicated, steel sliding doors check off all the boxes. If you’re looking to save space and add a touch of minimalist sophistication to your home, indulge in a pair of stunning and affordable steel sliding doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors.

We also recommend looking into pocket doors. Very similar to sliding doors, pocket doors also glide along their tracks in a straight line. However, they disappear into “pockets” in the adjacent walls, hence the name.

3. Modern Steel Patio Doors

We saved the best for last. If you love the classics, modern steel patio doors are for you. They’re the perfect “middle point” between bold, eye-catching bi-fold doors and minimalist, simple sliding doors. These beautiful doors combine the best of both worlds by offering modern minimalism with a dash of effervescence.

Opt for double flat steel patio doors to enliven your space. We also recommend incorporating potted plants into your space to add a touch of serenity, tranquility, and coziness to your home.

Looking for more doors and windows in New Mexico? Pinky’s Iron Doors stocks iron French doors, steel patio doors, interior doors, steel sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and a wide range of other doors and windows.

As you kick-start your home remodeling project, make sure you browse through their collection. Keep an eye out for new additions; the company frequently restocks gorgeous new doors.

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