How to Incorporate Sleek Steel Doors in Your Louisiana Bathroom

When looking to build a modern bathroom, the addition of a sleek steel door is just what you need. Black steel offers a chic finish that can elevate any bathroom from average to awe-inspiring.

If you’re planning to enhance the visual impact of your bathroom with a steel door, here are some ideas to get you started.

As an Enclosed Shower Area

Keeping the shower area separate from your toilet and vanity makes functional sense. However, sectioning off the area with a wall can break the visual flow of the space and make your bathroom appear smaller.

A glass-paneled steel door is a great way to create a modern enclosure without breaking up the space. Depending on the layout, you can opt for a unique style, such as a pocket door, sliding door, or barn door.

As an Entry Door

Of course, you can go the classic route and opt for a steel door as the main entrance to your bathroom. For powder rooms or washing areas, see-through glass works perfectly to accentuate this space. Otherwise, you can choose frosted glass for added privacy.

If you’re working with a small space, consider opting for a sliding barn door instead of a regular hinged door that needs clearance space.

As a Bathroom Divider

A steel bathroom divider is an excellent way to accentuate different parts of a large bathroom without losing the sense of an expansive area. Full-length glass panels with no panes cutting through the length or width can make your bathroom seem larger and upgrade the space to a sleeker and more contemporary style.

As a Statement Piece

Keep the interior simple, but consider adding a luxe element to the door. In this case, it’s the bold French double doors that mark the entrance. The arched design along with decadent accents such as the gold faucets and black side table complement the standalone bathtub.

Every bit of the bathroom is drenched in natural light flowing in through the arched French-style double doors. Perfect when you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon soak following an intense workout session.

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