Should You Pick a Front Door with Glass Panels for Your Knoxville House?

When it comes to choosing a front door for their homes, Knoxville homeowners don’t hold back their creativity. You’ll find all sorts of front doors when driving through a Knoxville neighborhood, most prominently black steel and iron front doors. Some of these front doors have an extra element incorporated within the design: glass.

front door with glass panels

Adding glass panels to your front door is almost always a good idea. If you’re uncertain about purchasing a modern steel or iron front door with glass panels, here’s what you need to know.

Aesthetic Appeal

Doors with glass panels are gorgeous. There’s no denying this simple fact. Adding glass elements to a door, irrespective of its style, make it look sleeker and more elegant. Not only does this create a stunning visual impact outdoor and elevates your home’s exterior, but it also makes your interior space look more beautiful.

Increased Daylight

Secondly, incorporating front doors with glass panels is a great way to let in natural light. This is especially useful if the structural design of your house doesn’t allow in a lot of sunlight. Adding a door with glass panels (even if the glass is pebbled or frosted) can help you maximize daylight and lower the need for artificial lighting during the day. Moreover, it can make your place look more welcoming.

Picturesque Views

Want to get the perfect view of your street? Adding a front door with glass panels can help you achieve that! Rain or shine, you’ll just have to glance at your front door to get a magnificent view of the outdoor space! The glass panels will double as windows, giving you picturesque views.

front door with full-length glass panels

Low Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, doors with glass panels are super easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned, don’t wear out easily, and require minimal care and maintenance from your end.


Did you know that you can customize your glass panels? For instance, if you don’t want full-length panels, you can always choose to get fewer and smaller panels in your door design. Similarly, adding sidelights or transoms can help you elevate your door design by strategically placing the glass panels on the sides or the top of the door.

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