What is Mezzanine Property Financing?

Established businesses are always on the lookout for a financing strategy that can accelerate their business growth. Financing your business with effective methodology can help you fuel your success. The key, however, is the proper understanding of various financing solutions trending in the industry and figuring out the best one for your organization.


A preferred financing solution for realtors and investors these days is mezzanine property financing.

Mezzanine property financing: a brief overview


Mezzanine financing is a financing strategy where a company raises funds for some specific business development projects with acquisition via a hybrid of equity and debt financing. This financing strategy is generally regarded as a highly risky strategy and therefore it’s more preferred by established organizations. That said, mezzanine financing provides tremendous payoffs—almost a 12% to 20% annual return.


How does mezzanine property financing work?


Mezzanine property financing works the best for businesses who want to generate capital fast, without collateralizing their assets. Established businesses implement this strategy to overcome the gap between the cash they own and the senior debt they require for a certain project

Benefits of Mezzanine property financing


Let’s have a quick look at how mezzanine financing can benefit a business.

Flexible financing solution

This financing strategy is best suited for a business that doesn’t meet the general requirements to obtain other financing solutions. Its terms and conditions are negotiable, however, the lender holds the right to sell a part of your equity, if the loans are not paid promptly.

Equity contribution

Mezzanine financing helps businesses reduce the ownership of assets with which debts are associated, thus significantly reducing the equity amount. Since the investor only needs to invest a small fraction of their savings, it boosts equity returns of a property for the owner. This strategy helps businesses reserve their equity in a property for some other deal where they could earn more ROI.


The next step

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