What Types of Insurance Does a Church Have?

Your Church isn’t just a building; it’s a sacred place for prayer, gatherings, and community meetings. In Ohio, most Churches have a load of responsibilities that need to be carried out on a tight budget. A minor incident on the church premises can lead to financially challenging times, especially if your church doesn’t have the proper insurance coverage in place. If you’re new to the idea of applying for insurance, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of insurance for a church: 


1.     Church Property Insurance

This is one of the most basic and important insurance coverage. If your church owns a building or structure, you will need this insurance. This covers the building itself, business personal properties in the Church, landscaping, playground equiptment and furnishings. Other valuable assets like pianos, pews, stained glass are also included. A property insurance premium is based on the square footage of the church building itself, the zip code it is located in, the construction materials needed to rebuild the your church, the year it was constructed and many other factors related to the total insured value of the property. Its Its also important to note down when newer renovations are conducted, as its taken into account by the insurance providers.

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2.     General Liability Insurance

This is another important coverage that works against any claims against the church. If any member, staff, or visitor is injured on the Church premises, then this liability insurance could provide coverage in the event of a covered cause of loss happens. It even covers the church against libel and slander. As a ministry leader, it is important to prepare the church for all circumstances in which you can be sued. The liability insurance also covers medical expense coverage in the case of injuries in the Church for members, employees, officials, and volunteers.


3.     Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

This insurance is mandatory in most states and even extends to leaders of the church. It includes 100% of medical for employees who are injured on the job due to a job-related activity. The insurance agent you choose will provide you with the right information on how much coverage is required for your church.  You can also obtain workers’ compensation coverage for your active volenteers for a small additional premium.  This would be for those individuals who work at your church on a regular basis, but do not want to be paid for their services.  For all intensive purposes they would be an unpaid employee of the church.


Church Insurance Agent in Ohio

Whether your ministry has a small church, or several properties, church insurance is a must. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is one of the top church property insurance companies in Ohio. They provide church insurance coverage at competitive prices. Contact them today to take care of all your insurance needs.




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