6 Things You Need to Know About Church Insurance

A church may be a sanctuary but it can still get sued. Protecting your church against civil action is essential, which is why you need church insurance. Church insurance provides you the confidence that an unforeseen circumstance will not abruptly end your ministry.

Important Things to Know About Church Insurance

The primary reason why most churches find themselves in court is because of property disputes. Protecting your church with church property insurance can prevent this from happening. Churches need comprehensive insurance plans to ensure they don’t get bogged down by lawsuits.

A church with a Christian Cross

Church Property Insurance

Church property insurance coverage includes items such as buildings, business personal property, signs, and fences. It covers all the items that your church considers as its property.

Church property insurance protects your church building from damage caused by natural disasters.  It also covers the items inside the church like pews, tables, and fixtures.

Flood and Earthquakes are excluded from your church property insurance.  If you need these natural disasters covered, you will need to obtain separate insurance policies for these exposures.

However, it’s important to note that church property insurance only covers items on the church’s premises. You may need separate insurance for items that leave the church property, such as an inland marine policy which covers property while in transit.

Church Liability Insurance

Churches need liability insurance for protection against property damage outside their premises.

Church liability insurance also protects churches from advertising damages, such as defamation and slander.

Protection for Counselors & Pastoral Counseling Coverage

Churches often provide paid counseling services to church members. Protecting your counselors and ministers from false allegations is pertinent and an important reason why churches need insurance.

Workers Coverage

Like most organizations, a church also needs worker coverage. Workers can get injured on the job and hold the church liable. Workers’ coverage insurance prevents the church from bearing liability in such circumstances.

Volunteer Coverage

A church benefits from having an actively involved community because members often volunteer to help the church with its projects. An injured volunteer can hold the church liable for damages. Ensure that your church has coverage to protect itself from such liabilities.

Insurance for Church Buses

Many churches operate a fleet of buses to accommodate members. These buses are important for transporting children, the underprivileged, and the elderly. Churches need insurance for these buses in case of an accident.

A church bus for transporting members

Protect Your Church with Insurance

Liabilities can arise at any time. While many may consider churches to be holy places, they are not exempt from being sued.

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