Understanding Private Lending VS. Traditional Lending in NJ

Are you tired of being constantly rejected and let down by banks who don’t approve your loans? Have you been turned down by a credit union because your credit score was low?

We are here to tell you that a private lender—also known as a hard money lender—is the answer to all of your borrowing woes.


This is where private lending stands undisputed. A bank can take up days or even weeks to process your loan. With a hard money loan, you can get approved for a loan a lot faster. You can get your loan processed and all the funding finalized within as little as a week. On the other hand, getting a loan from either a credit union or a bank can take up to around 45 days. For smaller loan amounts, the hard money lender might be able to process the loan in a day or two. The timing could often definitely be a determining factor for a real estate win or a loss. If you’re aiming to quickly secure the property against a bunch of competing bids, a hard money loan could be your best bet.


Hard money loans or private loans are generally very flexible. This means that there is a lot of room for you to speak with the lender and decide the loan structure. On the other hand, banks and credit unions follow a very one-size-fits-all framework for all the loan requests that they receive. A hard money lender usually structures the loan as per a percentage of the total purchase price. The purchase price could either be the loan-to-cost value of the loan-to-value amount.

Loan approval

Most individuals struggle to get approved for a loan if they have a low credit score or have struggled with credit rejections in the past. A bank can also deny your request if your financial history is perfectly fine and spotless, but your documentation is incomplete. The good news is that a hard money lender can usually look past most of these details, as long as they’re sure that you’d be able to repay the loan.

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