5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

Selling your property can be an emotionally draining experience. It can leave you overwhelmed with memories associated with the place you’ve spent a certain part of your life in.

It may seem like a simple task at first, but very soon you may find yourself drowning in a piles of paperwork and in the middle of long and stubborn negotiations. Here are 5 common mistakes you can avoid when you’re selling your house.

Keep your emotions in check

Remember who you were when you were a buyer and came to see this house. If you get too emotional you can stay fixated on certain aspects.

For example, you may expect a high price from the buyer because, for you, the place holds a lot of priceless memories. You may become too stubborn with your negotiations or end up being too stressed with all the paperwork.

Instead, make a list of the requirements needed from you, keep your emotions in check and think like a business person. What are the spaces you can style better or parts of the house that need a little more remodeling to make your house look like it costs more?

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Avoid Setting an Unrealistic Price

When it comes to selling your house, you can easily expect the buyer to view it the same way you do. However, keeping an overly high price can be a big setback in your selling process.

All buyers do a comparative market analysis so it’s best to keep unrealistic expectations in check. You might find yourself stressing over whether you’ve set a very low price. Don’t worry about that, even if that’s the case, low prices will only result in more buyers bidding higher to buy your property.

Remember to think like a buyer and always take into consideration your real estate agent’s expert opinion.

Don’t Skip the Agent

Although you might think that not hiring a real estate expert can save you from spending hefty amounts as their commission, skipping the agent may be the biggest mistake you can make.

Companies that offer property management experts may charge a small fee but have your best interest at heart. They have the expertise to negotiate better than you can, have far more experience with all the paperwork and can get you the best possible competitive rate in the market.

Fix the Faults

If you think you can get away with hiding faults or skipping repair work in your house, think again. It’s almost impossible that these faults won’t pop up during a buyer’s inspection process.

Real estate experts always advise to get your (major or minor) repair work done ahead of time so it doesn’t affect your selling price. The cost of fixing it beforehand will always be lower than the cost your buyer will ask to adjust as credit if it pops up later in the process.

Stay Available

When your property is on the market for sale, whether it’s a holiday or a working day, you need to make sure you’re always available if the buyer is interested in a tour.

Unavailability or delays from your end may result in the buyer taking you as a non-serious seller. So, whenever your agent calls you about a potential buyer, always show up and be prepared on time.

Consulting with an estate expert can save you a lot of time and risks associated with property management.  In House Real Estate offers expertise in selling properties in Medellin quickly and efficiently. Explore your options and make your house selling a convenient and stress free experience.

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