How Water Leak Detection Equipment Can Prevent Catastrophic Event In Data Centers

Business-centric enterprises are always at risk of flooding-related incidents. Therefore, mission-critical architecture like logistics, production, computer center, and server room must be protected from ventilation malfunctions, fire, and overheating.

Let’s look at some catastrophic events that can occur in data centers and how water leak detection products can prevent them.

Potential causes of leakage in the IT architecture

  • Water damage through vandalism due to burglary: Don’t underestimate the damage that vandalism can cause. Just for mischief, intruders or vandals can open water valves, and the resulting damage can be costlier than the vandalism itself.
  • Weather and groundwater damage: During a storm, a brook turns into a gushing river. The water may come in due to structural imperfections in the server room. If your server room has windows, it’ll be vulnerable.
  • Sprinklers: Most server rooms in commercial properties have sprinklers that help in putting out fires. However, if there’s an unwarranted surge of water from your sprinkler system, your valuable server systems may be at risk. This is referred to as sprinkler leakage. The flooding may also occur as a result of your sprinkler system’s pump. The water in your sprinklers’ reservoir may also leak, damaging your IT systems.
  • Sprinkler damage, overflowing toilets, damaged heating pipes, or burst water pipes: Water damage may occur due to architectural flaws in bathrooms, kitchens, and server rooms. For example, a blocked sewage pipe or a frost-damaged pipe can destroy your IT architecture within seconds.
  • Condensation from air conditioning units: Air conditioning units produce trickling precipitation, which may go into a particular receptacle. If proper maintenance of these water tanks isn’t done, the risk of water seepage increases by a good margin.
  • Seepage of the water-cooled server racks: Thanks to the rising electricity expenses, business owners are now turning to water-cooled server racks. If there’s dripping coolant, your data center may be in trouble.
  • Air conditioning drips: Normally, air conditioning systems consist of purified water. If there’s a seeping clamp or a burst water pipe in your air conditioning system, it could lead to a major problem.

How water leak detection equipment can help

Water leak detection equipment can identify flooding and unusual moisture, which may emerge due to malfunctioning gear or faulty architecture. Water leak detection equipment consists of a centralized hub, shut-off valves, and sensors, all of which work in conjunction to detect and prevent a leak before it causes major damage.

Avoid costly repairs with PermAlert’s data center leak detection system

Invest in PermAlert’s leak detection system and avoid extensive service interruptions that can be quite expensive for your data center.

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