6 Things You Didn’t Know about a Liquid Sensing Cable

PermAlert sells four types of sensing cables, namely, ATP sensing cable, TFH-Gold sensing cable, AGT-Gold sensing cable, and AGW-Gold sensing cable.

Let’s look at six things you probably didn’t know about their liquid sensing cable.

1. TFH-Gold can detect a number of liquids in less than 5 minutes

When the liquids were tested at 70°F, it was identified that TFH-Gold detects gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, alcohol, naphtha, MEK, xylene, acetone, and transformer in less than 5 minutes.

2. ATP monitors prefabricated polyurethane insulated pipes

The water-based liquids are detected by the twisted pair type sensor cable. The cable is built in every pipe length’s insulation. The pipe is assembled with different sections of ATP cable are spliced together effortlessly.

3. To detect hydrocarbon liquids and ignore water-based liquids, the PAL-AT’s TFH-Gold hydrocarbon sensor cable uses a hydrocarbon permeable core

In the majority of cases, the sensor cable shouldn’t be used again after it has been exposed to hydrocarbons.

4. Once dried, every PAL-AT sensor cable can be reused after a volatile hydrocarbon, or water-based leak is cleaned

The cables are made for applications involving corrosive chemicals and don’t have any exposed metal. The corrosion-resistant, high-temperature polymer coats every individual stand of braid wire. Plus, a fluoropolymer over braid covers the cable’s length. Since there’s no sign of any exposed metal, there’s no need for Gold cables to take isolation precautions for pipe applications protected by cathodic.

5. Both PAL-AT AGT-Gold and AGW-Gold sensor cables can detect both hydrocarbon and liquids that are water-based

This allows the users to use only a small number of sensor cables in different applications.

6. PAL-AT’s family of sensor cables meet specific requirements of numerous environments and applications

This is actually true. These environments and applications include containment pipe systems, subfloors, foam insulated, and direct burial pipes. Thanks to the sensor cables, the leak detection designer has enough choice and flexibility in choosing the right cable for any system sensitivity. Plus, the connectors and cables of PAL-AT are easily repaired or spliced in the field to minimize repair costs and downtime.

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