3 Benefits of Oil Drilling and Why It Matters

Oil is very important to us. It fuels our cars, lights up our homes, and runs our industries. It’s hard to think of a world without oil. Our dependency on this natural resource continues to grow daily. With population growth, burgeoning economies, and mass travel, oil demand has seen unprecedented growth.

Countries rich in the resource need efficient oil drilling systems to extract it from their lands or seas. Without effective oil drilling measures, it will be impossible to use the oil to fuel our needs.

While some argue that oil drilling is harmful to the environment and the world in general, here are some important benefits of oil drilling and why it matters.

Extracting the Oil

Now, this is an evident advantage of oil drilling. Without an oil drilling mechanism, you can’t get hold of the rich oil reserves trapped underground or under the sea. However, when you see the examples of countries like Venezuela and Libya, you understand that you need an efficient oil drilling infrastructure to use the natural resource. Having poor infrastructure will only lead to wastages and in-efficient use of the oil supply.

Enhancing the Economy

You only have to look at the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to understand how oil drilling converted the country from a barren desert to a global economic powerhouse. These countries quickly realized that they need to use the mass oil reserves trapped underneath their lands efficiently.

With effective oil drilling methods and a national consensus on oil production, the countries transformed themselves. UAE, especially Dubai, is a major metropolis that is a major business and tourist hub. Saudi Arabia continues to play a crucial role in providing and regulating oil production across the globe. Oil continues to remain the largest component of both countries’ overall exports.

An oil rig at night

Discovery Of Oil Reserves In Difficult Terrains

Another major benefit of oil drilling is that it can discover untapped oil reserves in difficult terrains. Due to advancements in technology such as efficient MWD systems, it is possible to extract oil in difficult places, where companies might not have looked before. Engineers and leading oil companies are always looking for ways to discover oil in difficult terrains to meet the burgeoning demand for oil.

Even if a country has vast oil resources, it needs the infrastructure to extract them. Oil extracting companies spend millions of dollars on improving their oil extraction mechanisms.

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