Your Ultimate Guide to PALCOM Manager

PALCOM Manager helps you monitor and manage a geographically dispersed network of leak detection systems. It’s a highly scalable solution that not only improves the intelligence of PermAlert’s leak detection system, but reduces costs, and enhances productivity.

Using a single pane of glass at any time, from anywhere, PALCOM Manager allows the configuration and connection of every PermAlert device.

If you want to safeguard your business operations and assets, turn to PALCOM Manager – a better real-time monitoring solution.


  • Offers reporting and analytics capability
  • Uses SMS and/or email to send alarm and exception alerts
  • Allows setting up multiple user groups and systems
  • Provides on-demand GLS drawing and mapping of leak detection systems
  • Offers web user interface for mobile and computer devices


System requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • Database Engine: MySQL 7.0 or newer
  • Operating System: Linus Ubuntu Server 18.10 or newer (64-bit)
  • HD Space: 100 GB Minimum
  • Network: Standard connection w/ HTTPS enabled 100 MB/sec Minimum


  • Multiple user access levels with password protection for security
  • No limit on the number of users
  • No limit on the number of devices (device license for every leak detection system)
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and German language


  • Ensures maximum security through customizable security logins
  • Offers ease of integration and extensibility through open API
  • Helps manage system performance through its reporting and analytics capability
  • Can remotely update device software
  • Creates user and device groups to suit operation management
  • Offers on-demand GLS drawing and mapping of sensors
  • Sends exception and alarm alerts via SMS and email
  • Provides real-time event logging and status reporting
  • Offers web user interface for both mobile devices and computer screens
  • Remote deployment without user intervention at the control panels
  • Centralized management of every leak detection system via cloud or on-premise

Monitor large network of PermAlert’s FM-approved leak detection systems with PALCOM Manager

PALCOM Manager is a highly scalable solution that enables ease of monitoring a geographically dispersed network of leak detection systems. This application stores every captured log, event, and data for audit trail along with analytic purposes. Plus, the application can be subscribed as a service or be installed on-premise.

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