Understanding Why MWD (Measurement-While-Drilling) Is Important

As oil demand has increased worldwide, oil companies are being forced to find new reserves for oil in challenging topographic conditions, which have made oil drilling more complex. With new methods such as horizontal and directional drilling completions becoming more common, well logging has been forced to improve as well.

Innovative logging methods such as Measurement-While-Drilling (or MWD) are being used by companies to help them make decisions using real-time data. MWD is a logging technique that gathers important ground data without having to remove the drill pipe from the well. Here’s this technique has become increasingly important for oil extraction companies across the globe.

Finding Good Wellbore Positions

To find good wellbore positions, you need reliable measurements, including gamma logging, directional surveys, temperature, and pressures. MWD has made it possible to get real-time data without having to constantly pull out the downhole tool. An effective MWD will help you in accurate wellbore placements, even in tough weather and physical conditions.

Furthermore, having an MWD system will encourage you to explore tough locations with tough landscapes. The reason companies hesitate to go to such locations is because they don’t have the adequate tools to find oil resources and end up wasting their time. Having an effective MWD will give you real-time information on the viability of good positions, helping you make worthwhile investment decisions.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs

An efficient MWD will transmit accurate real-time data to drilling engineers. It will enable them to make effective decisions which will increase the overall productivity. Furthermore, accurate data will also help companies find out if the drilling spot is viable. If it is not feasible, then the engineers will not drill further, saving time and energy.

Having accurate data helps to make wise decisions that save costs. For example, if engineers find out that a drilling spot is not viable through real-time data, they will not pursue it further, saving the company huge costs as they can focus on other areas.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The effects of MWD in improving productivity and reducing costs are pretty evident. However, it can also reduce the environmental impact of drilling. Measurement-While-Drilling is mainly used in directional drilling to help companies dig oil wells. As drillers get real-time information, they can steer their digging tools toward the right underground location without causing any harm to the surrounding environment.

TRUEshot’s M1 MWD system

As companies worldwide are looking to reduce environmental damage and their carbon footprint, MWD is playing an important role in achieving these aims.

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