4 Things Millennials Are Looking for in a Church

Studies show that religion is experiencing a rapid decline in the United States. One of the reasons behind this staggering decline is that millennials are actively disassociating themselves from the church. Studies done by the Pew Research Center show that 40 percent of millennials don’t attend church service at all. Moreover, only one-in-three millennials attend church service once or twice a month. These figures show that the church is not only failing to attract younger members, but resulting in most of them leaving.

These trends highlight the churches’ need to revamp if they want to welcome millennials to their community.

Things Millennials Are Looking for in a Church

Millennials are seeking churches that emphasize on the following aspects:


Most traditional churches cater to advanced age members and subsequently have old pastors and ministers. In addition, they also stick to traditions, making them unattractive to millennials. If you want to make your church more appealing to younger people, embrace change wholeheartedly. Millennials are looking for churches that are more supportive of the LGBTQ community. Embracing people from the LGBTQ community doesn’t mean the church welcomes their behavior. Instead, the church is accepting them as people. Jesus embraced you just as you were before you turned to God.  A Christian’s job is not to judge the world but to love the people within the world and be Christ to them. As the bible states in Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Introducing a younger pastor with who they can relate is also a viable option. Moreover, consider changing the service music and relaxing the dress code to make your church more friendly for millennials.

Mutual Understanding

Millennials are looking for churches with whom they can develop a mutual understanding. Most church pastors and ministers are old. The age difference renders them unable to see eye-to-eye with younger people. Rather than looking for a solution within the church, seek help by contacting the youth for assistance. Gather feedback from young people regarding the changes they would like to see the church make, and act accordingly.

One of the best methods to go about this task is utilizing social media. Instead of bashing millennials for their constant phone usage, churches need to develop an active social media presence to cater to them. Your church’s aim should be to utilize millennials’ preferred method of communication to entice them.

Relevant Teachings

Sunday school works a treat until it doesn’t. Sunday school teachings are applicable for most young people until they go to college. Afterward, they don’t see the point of ever returning. Your church sermons need to be more relevant to people’s lives today. Focus on community biblical teachings related to financial literacy and management, sex, relationships, stress, etc. If you wish to attract younger people, you need to ensure that your teachings are worth their time.

Community Outreach

One of the most notable complaints millennials have about the church is the lack of community outreach programs. Churches have the potential to do great work in the neighborhood. However, millennials feel frustrated because most churches preach from within their church building rather than going out and interacting with the community. Your church should consider doing more volunteer work in the neighborhood to appeal to young people who want to see and contribute to making a difference.

Inside a church building


Insuring your Church for the Future

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