The Impact of Water Leaks

There’s no doubt that water leaks in your facility can spiral into big disasters – with even the minutest of leaks causing damage to the building’s structure, merchandise, important paper records, and of course, the equipment.

Here’s our expert in FM-approved leak detection systems outlining the impact of water leaks!

Health issues

The two main health issues that water leaks cause are mold and mildew – but the issues don’t end there. When there’s a water leak, the humidity level within the facility will increase. This means, if your facility has carpeting, it’ll become soggy by soaking the humidity. This wouldn’t just make workers uncomfortable but it may also lead to various skin and breathing problems.

Quality of life is compromised

Mold and mildew from the resulting water leaks are enough to compromise life quality. When the building starts rotting, different colored stains known as mold and mildew are formed. Mostly, they’re found in the buildings’ basement, especially those that are leaking. If the stains become visible and the root cause isn’t treated on time, they’ll start manifesting fungus within them. This fungus releases dangerous toxins into the air. This air is quite hazardous and puts the workers at risk of various allergies and breathing problems.

Risk to Building Structure

No matter how strongly bonded the concrete is with steel in your facility’s building, a water leak can even weaken those. In addition, steel corrosion will accelerate due to waterlogging and high humidity. If there’s some wood in the building, it’ll start rotting too. When the building’s integrity starts to deteriorate, so will its life. This creates a risky environment, especially during extremely cold weather or heavy rains.

High Maintenance Costs

Water leaks are villainous – they affect everything that comes their way. When water seeps inside the floor and walls, it can cause irreversible damage. If wires are lying somewhere along the path, there’s a huge risk of a fire hazard.

With water leaks, the maintenance cost of your facility’s building will continue to burn a hole in your pocket.

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