How the Pandemic Has Affected Churches

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in numerous problems worldwide. The death toll continues to rise as the virus mutates, managing to become deadlier and more contagious with every new iteration. Governments have instituted lockdowns as the situation has required, resulting in the closure of malls, restaurants, bars, clubs, and everything else, but what about the church?

The church is no exception. While most people in the United States characterize church worship as adhering to church standards and traditions, the pandemic has significantly altered church traditions. Churches have found themselves stuck in an unfamiliar situation, requiring them to deviate from longstanding traditions through necessity, if not by choice.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Churches

The pandemic has significantly impacted church operations and activities. Here are some of the ways it has affected churches:

Online Church

For many devout Christians, the church plays an integral role in their lives. Churchgoers look forward to donning their best attire and attending Sunday service weekly. However, the pandemic has also disrupted church activities. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, approximately 90 percent of all Americans reported their church was closed, and all activities had moved online.

The shift to online church has been challenging for many regular churchgoers, as it has spelled the end for social meetings and church suppers.

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Drive-In Church Services

You might be familiar with drive-in cinemas. However, drive-in church services are something most people have never heard about because they didn’t exist until recently. The pandemic has necessitated churches to take action. Drive-in church services aren’t a vanity project but rather something that arose due to compromise. The church is an essential part of many people’s lives, and they enjoy going to church weekly. The pandemic has resulted in most governments placing restrictions upon large gatherings. Drive-in church services subvert those restrictions because they take place in parking lots and don’t require people to gather in a restricted space since they’re all seated in their cars.

No More Hymns

One of the most memorable experiences of going to church is hearing the church choir and or worship team sing hymns and songs. Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought an end to church choirs. According to the National Association of Teachers of Singing, studies show that singing is one of the quickest ways to spread the virus. In addition, since most churches have shifted to an online mode of worship, church choirs are disbanding at least temporarily. We recently received a call from a church in California, telling us that their entire worship team came down with Covid-19.  Thankfully, everyone was okay outside of dealing with symptoms for the past few weeks.

Wavering Faith

These trying times have also impacted people’s faith. While devout churchgoers have embraced their faith in Jesus tighter than ever, those who weren’t regular worshippers and may have already been struggling with their faith in God, have found their faiths wavering even further. According to Barna researchers, one in three practicing Christians have stopped attending church services during the pandemic. Numerous reasons exist as to why people’s faith is wavering. Some don’t like the adjustment to online church worship since they felt more accustomed to collectively praying in a holy place with other church members. Others find themselves disillusioned with the church in these trying times. We are also seeing families realizing that worshiping God can be done outside of a church building.  These families are learning to be the church / Christ as they go from place to place.  Regardless, the pandemic has significantly impacted people’s beliefs and commitment to their faith in God both positive and negative.

Protecting Your Church from Unforeseen Circumstances

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our system, with everything shutting down in mass. Churches have not been exempted from government regulations, however, we know that even a pandemic of this magnitude will not stop the message of Christ.  We believe, this will only strengthen our message of hope, redemption, and the need for salvation in Christ alone.  Churches must prepare themselves for such events by getting church insurance from a reputed church insurance agent.

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