4 Types of Church Insurance

Most churches operate on a very tight budget. Since they aren’t profit-making entities, they usually rely on fundraising and donations to generate money for their activities. Unfortunately, operating on a strict budget means that churches don’t have much financial room for mistakes or incidents.

A single accident or event can wipe out a church, which is why church insurance is essential. Many people consider the church a sanctuary or a holy place, but the courts don’t treat it the same way, meaning the church isn’t exempt from someone suing it. Churches often end up in court, with property disputes being one of the primary reasons for civil action lawsuits, which is why getting church insurance from a reputable church insurance agent is vital for ensuring your ministry doesn’t end abruptly.

Types of Church Insurances

Numerous types of church insurances exist. Depending on your church’s needs, you may require one or more of them. Alternatively, signing up for a comprehensive church insurance coverage plan can get you all the insurance policies your church needs. However, conducting due diligence before purchasing insurance is vital.

Here are some types of church insurances you’ll need:

Church Property Insurance

While most people don’t consider the church building anything more than a gathering place, it’s still an essential part of the church. Without a specific meeting place, church members wouldn’t be able to assemble and worship together. Church property insurance protects your church building from falling into property disputes. Property insurance also safeguards the church building from damages by fire, wind, or other elemental forces. Most church property insurance also covers items inside a church building like pews, instruments, podiums, etc.

Church Liability Insurance

Churches are susceptible to lawsuits from members and other guests, making general liability insurance is crucial. Church liability insurance policies usually cover litigation and defense costs. For example, if a member or a guest injures themselves while at church service, they may look to sue the church. Similarly, they can also take legal action against the church if their property is damaged. A church liability insurance policy protects your church from such lawsuits.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Church

Many states require that your church have worker’s compensation insurance before granting you approval to hire workers. Worker’s compensation coverage for churches is essential because it covers medical costs if a worker injures themselves on the job. Moreover, it also protects the church if the worker decides to sue you for negligence. In addition, you may also want to consult your insurance carrier to see if their policy covers volunteers. Many churches rely on volunteer work for church projects and activities. Depending upon your insurance carrier’s policies, you may need to obtain volunteer insurance.

Business Auto Insurance

Many churches often operate a fleet of vehicles to transport elder members and younger children. If your church operates buses, you must obtain business auto insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits due to car accidents.

An empty church bus


Obtain Church Insurance

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