Is FluidWatch System the Best Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System for the Oil & Gas Industry

Pipelines transport many liquids, most of which are hazardous. This can result in loss of production, environmental pollution, and put human safety at risk. Recently, pipeline leak incidents have demonstrated that the cost goes beyond clean-up expenses and downtime – it’s very risky for the environment. With a good pipeline leak detection system, one can increase public confidence and reduce spill volume. There’s no doubt that oil leakage can lead to substantial damage, causing high financial losses, loss of human lives, and damages to properties and environmental ecosystems. Two main causes of leaks within the oil & gas industry include stress corrosion and fatigue cracks.

With the pandemic still looming, the integrity of supply is even more important. However, leaks along increasingly remote oil & gas pipelines have critical safety and environmental effects. Yes, there are a plethora of traditional pipeline monitoring solutions available, but they can’t offer you non-intrusive, continuous, and real-time monitoring you need to avert expensive delays and operational risks. This is where FluidWatch can help, pinpointing the minutest of leaks without any risk or operational delay.

Why Fluidwatch Leak Detection System Is the Best for Detecting Hydrocarbon Leaks

PermAlert’s FluidWatch leak detection system is best for detecting hydrocarbon leaks in a variety of applications:

  • Power generator rooms: FluidWatch is ideal for mission-critical applications like data centers and power generator rooms as it can quickly detect small amounts of hydrocarbons. This means you’ll detect leaks before any damage is done, thereby minimizing costs and downtime.
  • Petrol stations and airports: With FluidWatch, you can quickly detect and repair any detected jet fuel, diesel, or fuel leaks.
  • Pipeline leak detection:While underground pipeline installations make it difficult to detect hydrocarbon leaks, PermAlert’s unique sensing cable can detect oil leaks and continue to operate in high water levels.
  • Bulk storage applications: Often, oil storage tanks corrode around the base, which leads to soil contamination, loss of product, and leaks. With FluidWatch, you can continuously monitor for non-conductive solvents and hydrocarbons.

Safeguard Your Oil & Gas Assets With Permalert’s FM-Approved Leak Detection Systems

PermAlert builds top-of-the-line leak detection system technology for critical infrastructure and pipelines with safety, alerts, and monitoring to protect oil and gas assets.

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