How Leak Detection Systems Can Help Commercial Building Owners Save Money

Plumbing and other issues may emerge in almost every commercial building – and that’s not surprising. This is true especially when a building is more than a decade old.

In numerous commercial buildings, you’ll find a range of water pipes within walls. This architectural design makes it difficult to spot leaks early. In most cases, you’ll only detect a leak when it has left costly, visible footprints (for example, an abrupt spike in the water bill).

Usually, leaks happen gradually, beginning as little drips. If undetected for a long time, these drips can snowball into hundreds of gallons of water being wasted.

This is why smart commercial building owners are investing in leak detection systems – a move that every organization should make. With a good leak detection system, commercial business owners can spot leaks accurately, effortlessly, and end up saving a lot of money.

Let’s find out how!

Prevents Structural Damage

Just assume there’s a pipe burst in the basement of your commercial building. If this happens, water may accumulate beneath the building, degrading its foundation until someone detects the issue. With a good leak detection system in place, you’ll be able to prevent this type of costly damage and save some bucks.

Reduces Interruptions in Your Business Operations

If you own a commercial building, for example, an office, plumbing issues may disrupt regular business operations. If there’s an undetected lead, it may flood an office. This means, the company will have to close down temporarily, which will disrupt day-to-day operations, impacting profitability. With a decent leak detection system, business owners can detect these anomalies in advance.

Lowers Plumbing Maintenance Costs

Over time, pipes tend to deteriorate. So, even a slight leak can hint toward a possible pipe replacement. Unluckily, if leaks remain undetected for a long time, they’ll cause more plumbing damage.

With a water leak detection system, you’ll know of any plumbing malfunctions within your building. By detecting such issues in advance, you’ll prevent further damage, and  end up spending less – thanks to timely maintenance.

Protect Your Commercial Building with Permalert’s FM-Approved Leak Detection Systems

If leaks go unnoticed, they may continue to damage the structural integrity of your commercial building. PermAlert’s commercial leak detection system is designed to detect leaks before they become a major problem.

Get in touch with them directly for more information on their leak detection products!

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