Your Basic Guide to Buying a Water Leak Detection System

If you’re worried about potential water leaks within your facility, investing in a reliable water leak detection system will be your best bet.

Usually, water leaks occur due to high water pressure, high temperature, or a faulty pipe. While unexpected, these emergencies may lead to significant damage by compromising the security of your business.

With a water leak detection system in place, you’ll have special electrical and electronic circuits made of sensors and alarms. When water comes in contact with at least one of these sensors, the alarm is triggered.

The alarm can take on many forms: it can be an email notification, a blinking light notification, or even a text message. Plus, modern leak detection systems can also integrate into your smartphone.

Here’s what you should look for when buying a water leak detection system for your facility:

Mobile connectivity

Even if the detectors aren’t complex, they should never miss out on mobile connectivity. With mobile connectivity, your leak detection system can send you a notification if it spots a leak.

Automatic water shutoff

There are two types of water leak sensors: active and passive. While active sensors can shut off the water source automatically, passive sensors only detect the leakage. If the water continues to flow in the event of a leak, your premises will be at risk of significant damage. This is why many professionals want this feature—although it’s costly.

Temperature monitoring

If you live in a colder area, this feature is important. If the pipes within your facility freeze, they may burst, leading to over-the-top repair costs. However, timely notification by your leak detection system can save you a fortune.

Water detection sensitivity

Before purchasing a water leak detection system, identify when the alarm goes off. Some systems can spot leaks at less than a centimeter away while others sound only when the water comes in contact with the sensor. Some leak detection systems allow facility owners to adjust the sensitivity so that the owners can control the amount of moisture or water that activates the alarm.

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