Why Data Centers May Need a PAL-AT Leak Detection System?

When it comes to keeping data centers operational, two things are important: infrastructure protection and physical security. Usually, a reliable data center implements a range of protocols within the facility to mitigate any physical damage to the machines that store data. These protocols should handle every kind of risk and offer early detection as a prevention measure. Among these protocols are ones that ensure liquid leaks don’t disrupt the operations of the data center.

Let’s look at why data centers may need PAL-AT – PermAlert’s state-of-the-art leak detection system.

1. Saves Time

It’s difficult to detect the presence of water. For instance, if there’s flooding under computer-raised floorings, identifying it would be difficult because a false ceiling conceals the piping above it. Leaks or condensation are only detected when one sees water patches. Water accumulation may come from air-conditioning systems, seepages from adjacent walls, leaky pipes, etc. Plus, water can permeate downward to the level below or adjacent walls.

By using PAL-AT, data centers won’t have to rely on the traditional trial-and-error method of breaking through walls to search for leaks. With a water leak detection system, data centers can detect any leaks in any part of the facility both remotely and in real-time.

2. Protects Equipment and Furniture from Water Damage

Data centers store critical assets that are crucial to their operations. Leaking water from drainage, water pipes, and HVAC units may lead to significant disruption. However, with PAL-AT, data centers can promptly identify leaks, which can save them from the tremendous costs of conducting repairs and losing their investment.

3. Prevents Structural Damage

Water leaks in the ground can encourage the growth of mold as well as other infestations. Moreover, it could increase moisture within the structure and cause substantial damage to the facility’s foundation. Plus, repairing them can be very costly. With PAL-AT, the likelihood of these disasters is reduced by a significant margin.

Get an ATEX-Approved, FM Global Certified Leak Detection System from Permalert

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