How Sensors and Probes can Help You Detect Leaks

Usually, water damage is a threat that often remains undetected around pipelines, under ceilings, and floorboards. This can cause serious damage like equipment failure, mold, and mildew. However, avoiding them is possible through a water leak detection system. These systems monitor the presence of water in a particular area, alerting you whenever they sense a leak.

While there are various leak detection systems available, let’s discuss some spot type and cable type sensors as well as probes that can help us detect leaks.

Linear/Cable Detection Sensor or Zone Type Sensor

These sensors are designed to identify a leak in open, expansive areas. You can attach these water-sensitive cables to a wall, wrap them around pipes, and put them on the floor for spotting leakage of polluted water, clean water, or any other conductive liquid present within the cable’s length. Since predetermining the leak points in a huge space like under raised floors is quite challenging, it’s always best to choose the cable sensors.

Point Detection Sensor or Spot Type Sensor

These sensors are designed to sense water in confined areas, at a single point. The sensor has two probes and both of them should touch the water at the same time to spot a water leak and trigger the alarm. Ideally, you should place the sensors where the chances of a leak are high, for example, floor drains, drip pans, or places where water usually converges. Give their precise, small range, spot sensors are suitable for monitoring limited areas.

Conceptually, every leak detection cable is based on a couple of sensing wires with durability and reliability. The cable is easy to install, lightweight and has a standard length of 3 meters. However, it’s robust enough to keep its shape. To facilitate length expansion, both ends of the cable have terminals. Due to its sleek design, the cable can dry quickly. This means, you can still use it again after it has been drenched in liquid, while maintaining its high sensitivity to react swiftly, without triggering any false alarms.

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