7 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Facility Needs a Water Leak Detection System

Water is an integral component of daily hospital operations. Besides kitchen facilities, water fountains, showers, and restrooms, hospitals need water for medical sterilization and sanitation. Because medical facilities use a lot of water, a single leak can spiral into higher water bills and/or considerable water damage. Fortunately, detecting leaks isn’t a problem anymore.

Installing a real-time water leak detection system like PermAlert can ensure even the slightest of leaks are dealt with promptly.

Here are 7 reasons why your healthcare facility needs a water leak detection system:

  1. A patient may lose early access to important services like dialysis and oncology if the building shuts down for repairs
  2. Mold can compromise the indoor air quality
  3. Water leaking on the floor is dangerous for employees and patients
  4. Both the expensive medical equipment and the structure of the facility are at risk
  5. The lab is filled with delicate samples and sensitive equipment – and nobody wants a leaking, faulty pipe to wreak havoc in the middle of a breakthrough. With PermAlert’s leak detection system, the future of your lab’s work would be in safe hands
  6. Patients already have to wait a lot for their MRI appointment. If a hidden leak causes a ceiling to collapse, you’ll not just lose a lot of revenue, but your patients will become very stressed. However, PermAlert’s water leak detection system can keep everyone safe
  7. No surgeon would want a leak to occur from a ceiling pipe while they’re operating a living kidney. This is where PermAlert’s leak detection system can help

PermAlert’s FM-approved water leak detection systems can be a game-changer in healthcare facilities like MOBs (medical office buildings) and hospitals—where leaks that aren’t detected can lead to a lot of repercussions. MOBs are especially vulnerable to damage from leaks because of the amount of water-fed equipment dental and medical offices use. This water may also spread to adjacent offices.

PermAlert’s leak detection system can detect water ingress, chemical, and fuel leaks before they cause health hazards

PermAlert is one of the leading providers of FM-approved leak detection systems. For more than 3 decades, PermAlert has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a number of leak detection systems for various applications.

Give them a call directly for more information on their intelligent leak detection system!

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