The 3 Types of Multifamily Structures You Should Know About

Multifamily structures are always a smart choice for investors. They offer many benefits like steady cash flow, tax breaks, minimum risk, and more.

While some investors have a particular preference when investing in multifamily properties, there are several kinds of structures with different prices, purposes, and occupants.

Generally, multifamily properties are classified by size, with buildings ranging from two to three units to high-rise buildings with several floors and residents.

Low-Rise Multifamily Structures

This type of multifamily structure is common in suburban areas.

Low-rise buildings are usually three stories or less. Some common examples of multifamily structures include duplexes, townhouses, garden-style complexes, and subsidized housing.

These buildings may provide various facilities like a parking area, elevators, and a few basic amenities. These properties are a more reasonable option for investors, but they offer smaller returns compared to other multifamily real estate.

Mid-Rise Multifamily Structures

Mid-rise buildings can be found in both urban and suburban areas and are becoming increasingly popular among investors, developers, and residents.

Dormitories, condominium buildings, senior housing complexes, and urban apartment complexes nearer to metropolitan cities are common examples of mid-rise buildings. They’re a source of higher returns for developers. Plus, they’re easy to construct, lease faster and feature sustainable living practices.

They’re close to enjoyable services like shopping malls, gyms, restaurants, and other entertainment spots. Moreover, they also include amenities like gyms, pools, and common spaces for residents.

Multifamily structures

High-Rise Multifamily Structures

Located in the center of busy metropolitan areas, these properties feature at least ten stories or more. Luxury buildings, large apartment complexes, dormitories at larger institutes, and hotels are some common examples.

High-rise buildings can be found in almost every metropolitan city. However, because these properties are built on such a large scale, developers need to come up with innovative solutions to solve issues like parking and security. The construction and maintenance costs are higher, and they need more investment in terms of both time and money.

However, the high returns make these properties valuable for every investor.

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