Accessible Design Is Growing, But How Can It Be Beautiful?

Accessibility is now an important part of architectural design. When designing a home, you must remember to plan for the long term. Keep in mind that any person in your house can require increased accessibility at any point in their lives.

When planning for accessibility, you don’t have to forgo the beauty of your space. In fact, you can successfully make your accessible home more beautiful with these simple hacks.

Carpeted Ramps

Make sure to install ramps in all the places where you have stairs in the house. Whether the stairs are inside the house or outside, you should have a reasonable ramp that’s not too steep and can bear weight.

The ramps inside your house can have added functionality if you put a carpet on them. The carpet will not only look beautiful but will also ensure that the flooring gets a better grip. You can choose a carpet that accentuates the look and feel of your space.

Wide Glass Doors

ADA requires you to have wide doorways that are accessible for wheelchairs. The doorways should be at least 32-48 inches wide to allow easy access for commonly-used wheelchairs. For an entrance door, you can get a wide glass door that elevates the beauty of both the exterior and interior of your house.

This wide glass door can be an excellent source of natural lighting and give a good view of your porch and front yard.

Circulation Space

An open space is essential to accessibility. Cramped spaces with curbs and excessive furniture can greatly hinder movement. Make sure to have enough space for people to move around easily in a wheelchair. They should be able to turn and move around as needed.

 Living room with open space for circulation.

No Step Entrance

Your home’s entrance plays an important role in its overall accessibility. You can ensure that your home remains accessible for all by keeping a no-step entrance to the house. This means that your house wouldn’t have steps leading up to the front door, and anyone can easily enter it without getting on a ramp or climbing the steps.

The no-step entrance has a beauty of its own as the front door can be decorated with planters and other ornamental items.

Make Your Miami House More Accessible

Accessibility doesn’t have to come at the cost of aesthetics. You can make your house accessible while ensuring it remains beautiful for you and all your visitors.

If you don’t want to compromise on your home’s attractiveness, hire Access Built. They’re ADA-compliant home accessibility contractors based in Miami that can make your home more accommodating while adding oomph to it. They specialize in home modification for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Reach out to their experts now and make your home safer and more beautiful.

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