11 Fun Facts about Naples, Florida

Naples is among the most visited places in Florida for its relaxing beaches and many other attractions. Offering interesting activities for people of all ages and tastes, this place makes the perfect home town for any family. Here are a few facts about the city that drive up real estate values in Naples.

1. Art Galleries 

The city is home to about 100 art galleries where art enthusiasts of all kinds can have an amazing time.

2. Millionaire Population

The city is known to have the highest population of millionaires per capita compared to the rest of Florida.

3. The Home of the Fossa

A carnivorous mammal of Madagascar known as the Fossa is featured in the Naples zoo. This is the only zoo in the entire southeast of the U.S. where this animal is on display.

4. Global Golf Capital

The city is known to the entire world as “the golf capital of the world” due to the highest amount of golf holes per capita in the country.

5. Featured in “The 100 Best Art Towns in America”

John Villani mentions Naples in his book “The 100 Best Art Towns in America” as the “The #1 Small Art Town in America.”

6. Success of Charity Wine Festivals

The Wine Spectator magazine has ranked Naples Winter Wine Festival as “the most successful charity wine festival” in the country.

7. Exhibition of the Ratel

There are only four zoos in the U.S. that display the African honey badger (commonly known as the ratel). Naples Zoo is included among these zoos as well.

Plumeria in bloom

8. Plumeria Show Garden 

The show garden for plumeria in the Naples Botanical Garden displays the widest variety of the species compared to anywhere else in the world.

9. Natural Home of the Florida Panther

The rare and endangered species of panthers known as “The Florida Panther” originated from Naples primarily.

10. Closeness to the Sea

Wherever you live in Naples, you are only at a 60 miles distance from at least one of the beaches in Naples.

11. The Popularity of the Everglades Seafood Festival

This festival attracts visitors from around the globe every year and has the most exotic and extensive seafood menu in the region.

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