The Ins and Outs of Property Management

Notice how the landlord often relays requests to a higher authority in many cases rather than directly dealing with issues? That’s because they’re associated with a property manager that takes care of a great deal of the responsibilities.

What Is Property Management?

Property management involves managing and overseeing the different aspects of real estate properties, including residential and commercial units. While different property managers can handle different tasks according to the contract they’ve agreed upon with their landlord, they generally handle maintenance and deal with any tenant complaints.

It’s fairly common for property managers to push their duties on to a property management firm that deals with all of the responsibilities on their behalf. It’s a common practice among people that oversee a large number of properties and have difficulty with micromanagement.

Responsibilities of a Property Manager

Understanding And Upholding Landlord-Tenant Laws and Regulations

The most essential part of being a property manager is being aware of all the landlord-tenant laws on both state and national levels. You can’t simply allow everyone and there are tenant screening options that allow you to do a basic background check on a potential property tenant.

A man signing up property documents.

Similarly, you’ll have to look into the laws for ending a particular lease, how you can evict a tenant, and on what basis is it allowed. All of this will make you a fairer and competent property manager, making your job easier.

Dealing With Maintenance Requests and Repairs

In a majority of cases, the property manager themselves don’t live in the particular building so they might not be fully aware of any problem that may exist within the building. Tenants and landlords might make complaints regarding the safety, functionality, and habitability of a building, and it’s the property manager’s job to deal with these issues.

Property manager having a discussion.

Electricity issues, pest infestations and more can take place. It’s the property manager’s responsibility to deal with these problems appropriately and satisfy the needs of the tenants.

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