Landlord Alert: Tricks Desperate Rental Applicants Use to Scam Landlords

Are you a landlord considering renting your property? Then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Desperate rental applicants will go to extreme lengths to rent properties given the protections offered once they have moved in and can often make use of ways to secure a tenancy under false pretences.

In such circumstances, you need to be careful to avoid becoming a victim of such scams.

Here are few schemes that prospective rental applicants pull on landlords to secure a tenancy illegitimately. Keep reading…

Fake Credit Reports

A rental applicant’s documents

You’re probably wondering why a prospective applicant has made things easier for you by sourcing their credit reports rather than waiting for you to do it, right? Well, no, they’ve not made it easy to help you and all may not be what it seems. It might seem like a helpful move, but often it’s not.

It takes little time and effort these days, what with the availability of scanning and editing software to fabricate any document and pirate a copy of supporting documents such as credit reports. This is one of the most common schemes to be aware of and indeed an easy one to pull off.

Fabricating a document doesn’t take much time and is easy to do with the aim of securing the tenancy in the knowledge that once they’re in there will be a significant time frame and cost for evicting them.  Even if they stop paying the rent almost immediately after moving in it could take months before you can recover your property through lawful channels. Be mindful of fake documents being presented as truthful and genuine. There is value in undertaking your own enquiries to validate any information presented to you as part of the referencing procedure!

Prospective Tenants Offering to Pay a Lump Sum Upfront

Rent money on the table

As appealing as it may sound, a prospective rental applicant offering an advance payment of rent, say for 6 months, can be a ploy to secure the tenancy with no intention of fulfilling their rental obligations thereafter.  Give such offers very careful consideration as the underlying concerns you have with the strength of their application are likely to persist.

Any effort by a tenant to persuade you to shortcut the screening procedure should encourage you to undertake your own enquiries in parallel and validate the information. Taking information at face value could come back to haunt you.

Whilst it may seem convenient and save you money in the short term it could land you leave you in an invidious situation later into the tenancy.

Tenants Can Fabricate Landlord and Employment Documents

It’s not difficult to fabricate former residency and employment information. A scam artist may have access to resources that make fabricating this information very easy especially if you attempt to validate the information over the telephone. Rarely does such activity get traced back to the individuals involved.   To this end, you should ensure that information is received in writing from official sources and on headed paper.  Validate any telephone numbers or an individual’s name, given for references purposes, to ensure they can be traced to the firm who you believe you are representing.

It you feel it is a challenge spotting these schemes then engage a professional firm to validate the information for you.

If you want more advice on how to avoid these pitfalls then engage a firm which specialises in Landlord Legal Services Kent and tenant services to assist you through every step.

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